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This page lists information about Bruster's, QT,
 Publix and Kosher Breads




Toco Hills Bruster’s
2095 LaVista Road, Atlanta, GA 30329
(404) 320-7166

(Updated June 2015)

All products- ice cream, yogurt, sherberts, milkshakes, lattes, smoothies, ices, sorbets, ice cream cakes, sundaes & all cones and toppings are kosher dairy with the following exceptions:

Non-kosher items: 1. Gummy Worms

The following sorbets are dairy equipment without any dairy ingredients:

Black Raspberry, Lemon, Mango, Peach, Strawberry.

The following ices are dairy equipment without any dairy ingredients:

Banana, Blue Pop, Chocolate, Grape, Lemon, Peach, Pink Lemonade, Root Beer, Strawberry Daiquiri, Strawberry Kiwi.

Cake cones & Sugar cones are pareve. Waffle cones are dairy.

This certification does not include Passover.

Kosher Drinks at QT!
This list was updated April 2016.

The AKC does not formally certify any QT location, but based on our understanding of how these facilities work, we feel a consumer can reasonably purchase these products. (These drinks are in addition to the products listed on our acceptable beverage list e.g. Coke and Pepsi, etc.) Make sure to check with the AKC office to confirm that these products continue to be certified in the future.

Rooster Booster
Strawberry Banana
Wally Puckerberry
White Cherry

Cherry Additive
Creme Rooster Booster Energy
Rooster Booster Lite
Vanilla Additive

Almond Amaretto
Caramel Macchiato
Fat Free French vanilla
French Vanilla
Hershey’s Cookies ’N Cream
Hot Chocolate
Mighty Mocha
Sugar Free White Chocolate Caramel
Peppermint Mocha
Vanilla Cupcake

Frozen Drinks (All Dairy)
Frozen Cappuccino (Granita)
Frozen Caramel Latte
Horchata Smoothie (Granita)

This authorization is valid only for the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2016.


  1. Cut fruit and fruit salad

    The AKC recommends that fresh berries should only be purchased if there is no insect infestation.   Cut fruit and cut fruit salad at the Toco Hills Publix may be used.
  2. When you are ordering a tuna, white fish or vegetarian sub at Publix's Kosher Deli, please specifically request parve vegetables.   Although regular vegetables are parve, it's possible that the vegetables in the front of the kosher deli have meat residue.
  3. The Toco Hills Publix Bakery has a kosher dairy and kosher parve bakery.  All products baked on premises are kosher and pas yisroel.

    We only recommend purchasing products that have a kosher label as there are products in the store that accidentally get placed in the kosher area.  Some products carry a Publix label and can be found in the bread aisle and are not baked there.

    The following breads, if purchased from the Toco Hills Publix Bakery, are kosher and pareve even though there is no AKC label on them. (There are technical reasons that they do not  have  an AKC label on them at this time.) 

                            Baguettes, Frozen Dough, Wheat Italian and 5 Grain Bread

Cobblestone Mills Breads and Rolls with 355 as part of the date code are kosher and parve even without an OU on the bag.  Cobblestone Mills breads NOT bearing the 355 on the date code are not supervised by the OU.

Sunbeam Breads with the 0180 on the jet code are kosher and parve.

The following breads are kosher and parve as long as they have the following code:

"113" will be at the beginning of the date code and "B" will be listed at the end of the line.  There will be

numerals in between the "113" and the "B".   The bread is only kosher and pareve if it has a 113 at

the beginning of the line and a B at the end.           

It must say "B".  "A" means it is a non-kosher line.
20 oz. Honey Wheat Labels
Nature's Own Honey Wheat
Flavorite Honey Wheat
IGA Honey Wheat
Oven Fresh Honey Wheat
Derst Honey Wheat
Piggly Wiggly Honey Wheat
Market Pantry Honey Wheat
Southern Family Market Honey Wheat
Great Value Split Top Wheat
Laura Lynn Honey Wheat

20oz 100% Wheat Labels
Nature's Own 100% Wheat
Flavorite 100% Wheat
IGA 100% Wheat
Oven Fresh 100% Wheat
Piggly Wiggly 100% Wheat
Market Pantry Honey Wheat
Southern Family Market Honey Wheat
Laura Lynn Honey Wheat
Great Value 100% Wheat

24 oz. Oval Breads
Nature's Own Made with Organic 100% Wheat Oval
Nature's Own Made with Organic Honey Wheat Oval
Nature’s Own Double Fiber Wheat Oval




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